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Name:All things about Lt. Carter Shaw and Dean Bendis
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Exploring the relationship between Lt. Carter Shaw and Dean Bendis.
Welcome to Carter_Dean! This community is dedicated to fanfiction and fan art for the characters Carter Shaw and Dean Bendis from the TNT show Dark Blue. We do not claim ownership of any part of the television show, we're just fans who'd like to express our thoughts and possible storylines. This is a purely slash community, so please, no het unless it's secondary to the Carter/Dean relationship. All are welcome to join and post to this community (you must join to post), as long as posts are relevant. Not sure if what you want to post is relevant? Check this post, and if you're still not sure, leave a comment there. Before you post anything, please read the post here.

Posting Fiction:

All fiction must include a minimal header including at least a summary, a pairing/grouping and a rating to indicate age-appropriateness. There are suggestions for a more complete header here.

The story and anything not part of the header must be behind an lj-cut, or linked to via a direct link to the story. Do not make readers click more than once to get to your fiction or artwork. You must warn for spoilers if there are any. If you don't know which episode(s) your work is spoilery for, check the transcripts.

By joining, you agree to these rules:

Basic Guidelines:

The least you need to know:

1. You need to have had at least one person read through for minor errors such as spelling and grammar.
2. You must tag. If you don't have one, make one. If DW won't let you make one, then tag it with 'need a tag'. If you're not sure what tags are or what they're for check here.
3. Give enough information about your story above the cut.
4. Place your stories behind a cut. Instructions for using cuts can be found here.
5. Use your own words. Don’t plagiarize.
6. Use as many warnings as you deem necessary.
7. Be sure to post what type of reviews you want.
8. Do not flame or troll.
9. Please write out entire names, first and last if doing a crossover where there is more than one character with the same first name, remember that not everybody knows the cutesy nicknames given to pairings.
10. Gossip about the personal lives of the actors will not be tolerated. Do so and you will be warned. A second offense will get you removed from the community.
11. Just come in and have a good time.
12. Please do not link to a f-locked post. If you don't want people flocking to your journal to read what you've written, post it directly into your post here.

In-depth Guidelines:

1. Dreamwidth provides the opportunity for the individual writer to choose what information is placed above the cut and we encourage you to use that option creatively. This is the chance for the author to “sell” the story to the reader. The following is a suggested model of subjects; obviously you may not need to use all of them.

Please note: you must give your story a rating. (General, K+, PG, PG-13, Teen, Adult, Mature, NC-17)

Read and Review:

2. Place all stories behind a cut. Directions on how to do that can be found here.

3. Plagiarism is literary theft. Do not attempt to claim someone else’s work as your own. You will be caught. You will be banned. And fandom in general will mock you for a long time.

Site specific:


Ship related: This is a place where only slash is allowed.

If the reader has been suitably warned, then there shouldn’t be flaming. If you don’t like the pairing (what are you doing in a Carter_Dean slash community?) or genre, then read a different story.

Standard Warnings: Some of the more common warnings and their abbreviations are:

Bondage (Bond)
Character Death (CD)
Domination and Submission (D/s)
English as a second language (ESL)
Heterosexual (Het)
Hurt and Comfort (H/C) Also known as ‘owwie’
Lemon - explicit sex
Lime - non-explicit sex
Non-consensual (Non-con)
Porn without plot (PWP)
Original Character (OC)
Out-of-character (OOC)
Spanking (Spank)
Threesome (3sum)
United Kingdom English (UKE) - instead of American Standard English
Unresolved Sexual Tension (UST)

5. Read and Review

Authors are responsible for informing readers if they would like simply a read-and-review comment, constructive criticism and/or spelling, grammar and content (i.e. beta) corrections. Authors are strongly encouraged to have their stories beta'd before posting. If you do not have a current beta and would like one, contact the maintainer.

Readers: When in doubt, please ASK before you correct or criticize a story.

Authors: Ask your readers to send a private message if they have corrections or criticisms of your story.

6. Since this is a new site, authors are being invited and encouraged to post their stories. At this time, it is acceptable to post multiple completed stories or multiple chapters for WIP in a 24 hour period. Not needed for such a new fandom.

7. Trolls and flamers will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Harassment will not be tolerated.

8. The preferred way to submit your fic or piece of artwork will be detailed in a post made to the community. If that ever changes, an update will be made. Check the memories frequently for updates on the rules and guidelines.

9. Harassment of any kind will NOT be tolerated. Yes, I know this has been stated before but it really does bear repeating.

10. Constructive criticism is allowed, but once you start bashing the writer or artist, you've crossed the line.

11. Everything submitted should be your own property. Stealing stories/art work is NOT acceptable, and you will be banned on discovery. And then mocked by fandom in general.

12. You may act as an agent and submit a friend's work, provided you have permission, and it is shown at the time of the posting.

13. Along those lines, anything submitted to this community is NOT to be reposted unless you have the permission of the creator.

The management of this site is not responsible for the content of any story. It is the sole property of the author. No one on this site owns any of the characters; we are just borrowing them.

Everyone has their own personal opinion on relationships between the characters. Please try to be open-minded. Any bashing of slashed characters is prohibited, and any bashing of straight pairs is prohibited. However should you desire to back up your choice of ship, be our guest. Just try to do it as kindly and inoffensive as possible.

At any moment, if you have broken one of the above rules, you are subject to being banned from the community. You can email the maintainer of the community if you have a question or a comment about anything in this community.

At the moment, not getting a beta will not get you banned but it will get you put on moderation. The fourth time you fail to have someone check your work for errors, you will have your posting access revoked until you can prove you have found yourself a beta. This is only because I find it difficult to lose myself in a poorly written story, especially when I know that a decent beta would have/could have prevent those errors.

If you have a comm you'd like to see affiliated with this one just drop me a line.

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